Monday, May 30, 2011

Amazing Clusters Freebie

One of my followers, Arlene, contacted me to let me know she had created some clusters with my kits and she thought I might like to have them. Like them? I love them! Oh my... they are simply gorgeous! So gorgeous I had to get her permission to package them up and share them with all my readers. There was no way I could do them justice with a single preview so I've grouped them by theme.

First off we have these amazing wedding clusters. Most of the elements are from my Two Hearts, One Love kit.

Next up are some amazing clusters done with my most recent kit, Vintage Verde. These clusters are tagger sized.

Next is some amazing garden themed clusters. Most of these elements are from my kit, Yesterday's Garden.

Next we have some amazing fantasy type clusters from my Unicorn Dreams kit.

Last but not least, my favorite set is some vintage themed clusters with most of the elements coming from my Vintage Grace kit. I am so in love with the cluster she created around the vintage light.

Aren't they all just amazing?

Special, special thank you to Arlene for sharing her gorgeous clusters with me and for allowing me to share them with all of you!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Vintage Verde Freebie

Can you believe it? It is only the 6th of the month and here I am with my DSO Color Challenge kit. Just in time for National Scrapbooking Day! Moniaguirre is hosting this month and I promised her I would not be procrastinating this month. With the absolutely stunning color palette she chose it was so easy to get my kit done. This was one of those kits where I neglected the housework, neglected the laundry, and even neglected the hubby. I kept saying I'll take a break after this paper or this element and then I'd get lost in creating and the time just flew.

I am so in love with this kit. It is OK to be in love with your own kit, right? Ha! I can't wait to get started creating some layouts with these gorgeous colors. I hope you feel the same way. I'd love to see what all you talented people can come up with!

Without further ado I present Vintage Verde...


Happy Scrappin'!