Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Freebie Time!

I had a terrible month last month and just couldn't get into creating a simple lay-out, much less a kit. So this month I think I made up for it. I have lost myself in this kit for almost a solid month now and that was a good thing. I needed something to keep my mind off everything in life I can't control. For me that is the hardest thing. I'm such a control freak and there are just some things in life you have no control over. I keep hearing my Grandma in my head telling me that God would never give me more than I can bear. But damn... he sure pushes it sometimes. *lol* I would probably still be extracting things for this kit if my husband hadn't told me he thought I was "done with this one". *lol* Kim made it so easy for me though!

I couldn't believe it when I took a look at the DSO Colour Challenge for the month and instantly saw my wedding as the inspiration for this kit. Since we just got married in May I still have everything that was leftover after the wedding. I had the husband get the boxes out of the sub-zero attic and I had more inspiration than I knew what to do with. *lol* I've photographed everything. I hate to tell you... but you will never see a feather or lace in one of my kits that was extracted by me. OMG... way too much like work. The "happy couple" in my kit are the base to my guest book pen. I just loved the big poofy feather on the pen. I tried to extract it. I cussed. I walked away. I photographed it on a different colored background. I tried some more. I cussed a lot more. I finally chopped the pen off the people. It felt so good to just erase that whole damn feather. *lmao* I started to not even put my ring bearer's pillow in there. The lace is not perfect. But if you use it on pink or lavender it is fine, so I threw it in there.

Even if you don't need a wedding kit in these colors, there are loads of hearts in this kit. The theme of our wedding was "Two Hearts ~ One Love" so all those hearts make for a perfect Valentines kit as well. I apologize for this preview. It is a mess. Too much stuff to show and not enough room. I didn't even include everything in the preview, so there are lots of surprises in there! I hope you like it!

Two Hearts ~ One Love

Here are a couple of layouts I've gotten done along the way...

Isn't this color scheme perfect for my wedding pictures? I can't wait to go around and collect all the kits from this challenge. Between them, my posting bonus, and Kim's Passion's Blush (that I absolutely had to have)... I have no excuses for not finishing my wedding scrapbook!

Downloads for "Two Hearts ~ One Love"

*Note* Since some were having problems downloading the papers and I couldn't recreate the problem, I decided to just re-upload the whole thing. I've split up the paper files more, rezipped them, & uploaded them to 4shared in 3 separate files this time. Hopefully that will solve whatever weirdness was occurring.

*2nd Note* I'm pulling my hair out here. I can not figure out why some people are having problems with the papers. I've seen some layouts done with the kit so I know some people can open them. This is so frustrating for me. I don't know if it is in how I created them or if it is something that happens to them when I zip them together. I'm using the same computer and same program that I did to create the last kit and there weren't any problems with those files. I am simply at a loss as to what is going on. If any of you that are having problems would send me your e-mail address, I'd like to try a couple of "experiments" to see if we can determine if the problem is in the papers themselves or in the zipped file . I am in the middle of creating a new kit and if it is something I did, I'd like to figure it out so I don't do it again. Sorry for all the problems. :-(