Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Post, First Kit, How Exciting!!!

I am so excited and more than a little nervous to be releasing my very first scrap kit!

I'm new to the digital scrap booking scene, but am loving it! I previously designed stationary and tags for IncrediMail, but stepped away from any graphic work for a few years. I was married in May and decided I wanted to create a scrapbook with our wedding photos. Well I almost fainted in the aisle of Michael's when I realized how much it would cost me to do 20 or so scrap pages. In looking for less expensive sources on-line I came across digital scrap booking. I quickly decided it was time to brush the cobwebs off the old PSP.

Since I used to participate in several stationary groups on Yahoo I knew there had to be groups out there for digital scrap booking. I came across "Digital Scrapbook Freebies" and the price sounded right, so I joined. I'm so glad I did! One of the first sites I came across while chasing down freebies was NumbBumm's. The kit was just gorgeous. I loved the realistic look of the elements. The kit had been created for KimB's color challenge at DigiScrap Obsession. After going through the color challenge thread and downloading every kit they had... I was hooked.

Kim's work is just gorgeous. To this day her Mezzaluna kit is the only kit I've ever actually spent money on. *lol* I just had to have the posting bonus she wa offering, so it was time to start participating. Last month I did a lay-out and then I did another this month. But some little bee got under my bonnet and I decided to attempt a kit myself. What was I thinking?

Seriously... hats off to all of the designers out there. I had no idea how hard this was. It is way more work than you can imagine. It has taken me all month to come up with this tiny little kit. First you have to find CU products. Then you have to do something with them. The TOUs are all different and some just utterly confusing. I'm terrified I've used something incorrectly and someone is going to write a blog about me. *lmao* Then if you are obsessive like me and want more you start searching free use photos and extracting embellishments yourself. Then if you are really a glutton for punishment, you start photographing the contents of your jewelry box, your Grandma's button tin, the flowers in your garden, and the flowers in the neighbor's garden. The extraction is easy compared to getting just the right lighting, just the right angle, and perfect focus on your item.

We went to the Renaissance Fair last weekend and I was photographing all of the flowers in the little gardens they have dotted about. I'm sure people wondered what the heck the crazy woman was doing down on her knees with a camera up in some flower's face. My husband just laughed. He knows I'm insane.

OK... enough jabbering... here is my very first freebie scrap kit, "Tiffany Twisted".