Friday, October 9, 2009

A new Freebie!

It is a new month, which means a new color challenge from KimB over at DSO.

This month was hard for me! Kim let her husband choose the colors this month and they were... well... colorful! I don't do bright, cheerful colors. I just don't. I always lean towards jewel tones, dark and moody colors, etc. So after staring at the color palette for 2 days and drawing a complete blank, I decided to ask a man's opinion, since a man's brain thought up this color combination. I said, "Honey, look at these colors. What is the first thing that pops into your head?" He took all of 2 seconds to respond, "Candy!"

But of course!

Then... I went candy colored wild. I was having so much fun creating papers and cutesy little elements. We even bought some candy to photograph, but we ate the chocolate which is why there is none of the "brown" in my kit. *lol* Then I decided we had to name it "Candy, Candy, Candy" because that is how my grandaughter asks for candy. She is a candy addict and she never says it once. It is always, "Candy, Candy, Candy!" The cute little bug in the kit is also named for my very own "Jewel Bug".

I'd still be creating in these colors if I didn't have to wrap it up and install my new computer. OMG... I am so excited. I am going from an ancient clunker with 768 mb of ram and a 38 gb hd to a "beast" with 8 gb of ram and a 1 terabyte hard drive. I'll be able to render papers through a filter in less than 5 minutes! *lol* That is if I can figure my new program out as well. Since I've lost my PSP9 disc I am also upgrading to PSPX2. Hopefully it isn't too different or this may be my last kit. *lmao*

I sure hope you like my new kit! This is my first attempt at "cute".

Here is my layout using the kit. This is my first layout with my own kit. It was sort of weird. *lol*